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ycSvkbmQmLRDtYqot, 2013-03-18 06:24:56
The entire 4th Avenue corrodir from the Prospect Expressway to Flatbush Avenue should be put on a road diet. Removing one northbound and one southbound travel lane would allow for some expansion of the parking lane, and the creation of a center-median adjacent protected bike path, similar to the one on Allen Street in Manhattan. Since 3rd Avenue has no northbound bike lane, and the 5th Avenue bike lane is only Class II to Carroll Street and Class III north of Carroll, a protected center-median-adjacent path would create a safe and expeditious route for bike commuters. Combined such a redesign with equalization of the East River tolls would encourage many toll-shopping commuters to exit and enter 4th Avenue at the Prospect Expressway, to come and go via the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. Combined with neck downs, high-visibility crosswalks and LPIs, this treatment would create a vastly more safe and pleasant 4th Avenue. Add in better landscaping, plentiful benches and some green infrastructure to help reduce the avenues flooding issues, and the city would have a model for what a 21st Century boulevard can be.

R8zOpx4Wk, 2015-01-26 13:18:20
Shoot, so thats that one susopsep.

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