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Na Streetview si můžete pro Vaší dovolenou vyhledat zajímavá místa a vybrat si velmi pěkné ubytování Lednice nebo ubytování Zaječí ve spolupráci s portálem Tyto obce a celý region jsou navštěvovány hlavně pro vinařství i historickou hodnotu.

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MH System

KrNnRoEEvsVu, 2013-03-19 00:29:14
Of the poapnly of website Ive pored over this has the most veracity.

mWKXAbmuPClEFuqf, 2013-03-19 00:29:14
Exactly, which means that the imagery and restluoion is determined by private companies that are taking those pictures for other reasons. If Google had their own satelite then they could probably to a full update every month or so. As it is you won see the restluoion improve for your area until a company zooms in on you for a picture which in some cases could be a decade or more. Alternately, there are companies that will use their satelite for $40+ to take a pic of your area at high restluoion so u can post it on your wall as art. Ironically, by buying such a picture you would make it possible (as itd pop on the net as data) for GoogleEarth to take that pic and apply it to the database. Thus showing an updated picture. Otherwise just sit tight or convince Google that theres a business in sending up their own Satelite.

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