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Na Streetview si můžete pro Vaší dovolenou vyhledat zajímavá místa a vybrat si velmi pěkné ubytování Lednice nebo ubytování Zaječí ve spolupráci s portálem Tyto obce a celý region jsou navštěvovány hlavně pro vinařství i historickou hodnotu.

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Christopher Lee

L6Bbrrwsv, 2013-06-22 09:37:27
i spent a little over a year wokring in Hungary and i took a 3 day trip to Prague, one of the best places i have been in my opinion. the castle is awesome. did you walk all the way up to the top of the cathedral there? the view is fantastic. i especially liked being able to look down at the architecture of the spires and buttresses.the Charles Bridge is also an incredible place to see. i love the building there with the steep pitched roofs.i was in Slovakia for an evening too. we were lucky enough to get to the village where we went on a day they had a local fair. i have never eaten so much sausage and bread in one sitting as there. and the local draft beer was also fantastic. all the while we listed to a local band playing traditional music.i love eastern Europe. being an American the age of everything there is what always overwhelmed me. my country is so young in comparison.glad you are having the time of your life. enjoy it all.

wFWxUhRRKrr, 2013-06-22 17:14:40
Many great recommendations have alaerdy been made and I agree with them, especially around:- Turning lanes/signals are essential, as it’s very dangerous trying to dart across traffic and avoiding people in the intersections that have right of way to walk- Intersections near subway stations are dangerous, need wider medians, longer time to cross street.- A bike lane would be great only if the traffic conditions were slowed down and made safer. The bike lane currently on 5th is dangerous and not very useful- More trees, bulbouts, planters, tree guards- Benches4th Avenue can easily be a much better place with these improvements!

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