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Na Streetview si můžete pro Vaší dovolenou vyhledat zajímavá místa a vybrat si velmi pěkné ubytování Lednice nebo ubytování Zaječí ve spolupráci s portálem Tyto obce a celý region jsou navštěvovány hlavně pro vinařství i historickou hodnotu.

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ZEMTqJhRiHB, 2013-03-20 10:55:20
Ive actually heard that they are going to put rotaeirs at either end. The section that runs north parallel to Academy Ave will remain 2 way on each side.As someone affected by this, I really hope this goes through. It would greatly increase safety in the neighborhood for pedestrians, bicyclists, and even drivers because of the more predictable traffic pattern that would be created at the 3 major intersections.Ive already written to Councilman Soloman, copying the mayor, Rep Giannini (who lives on the Parkway), and Senator Goodwin, in support of this change. Theres really no reason to keep it the way it is. All the arguments in favor of the status quo boil down to convenience.

FNfHTMnadEAdH, 2013-03-20 10:56:21
Hi! The same thing happened to me a few monhts ago. In fact, at the time I did not know what those vehicles looked like, so I came down my steps, and stared at this odd-looking thing on top of the oddly-painted prius for a good few moments before I realised that it was a google street view vehicle and that Id been staring into the camera! Unlike you I was horrified, and checked on google maps for a few days after to see, thinking Id have to find some way of asking them to remove my picture happily, the picture did not appear -cvj

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